The Six Keys to a Safe Gutter Installation

You already know how the strong and durable K-Guard leaf free gutter system prevents normal drainage issues. We’ve installed 32 million linear feet of gutters and drainage spouts in Kansas City and across the United States. Thus, we know a bit about the safety and materials required. However, if you’re a first-time property owner, home flipper, or a Do-It-Yourself aficionado, you may not know the necessary precautions. Therefore, today we’re going to step you through the six keys for a safe gutter installation. Ready Your Materials The Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared” must be your mantra before the first foot

Four Ways to Prepare Your Gutters for the Fall Season

Get Your System Ready for Fall Foliage and Winter’s Weather   The nip in the air and the re-introduction of pumpkin-spiced everything means one thing:  fall has arrived. It’s a time for cozy sweaters, walks along tree-lined, multi-colored paths, and evenings around the fire pit drinking warm apple cider. It’s also a prime season to check your gutters. If you own a K-Guard leaf free gutter system, then nothing needs to be done. The enclosed system prevents leaves and other debris from clogging up lines and downspouts. However, if you have another system on your property, especially one that’s not

How Faulty Gutters Lead To Basement Leaks

Today, we’re going to look at the potential damage faulty gutters can cause for a portion of your home. But surprisingly and unknown to many, it’s not on the exterior. There are at least three ways, if not more, you can incur water damage in your basement. One is a faulty sump pump or other drainage equipment. Two is a leaky pipe. Three is, believe it or not, clogged or poorly protected gutters causing foundation cracks or leaks. Water From Above Not all water damage starts at or below ground level. Much of it comes from higher elevations. Either it’s

The Importance of Gutters to Your Home’s Resale Value

Today, we’re discussing the K-Guard leaf filter gutter system and how it can maintain and even increase your home’s resale value. Home prices continue to rise in Kansas City and across the country. The current environment is encouraging many owners to put their homes up for sale. However, they may be in for an unfortunate surprise when the home inspector provides their report. There could be numerous issues they were never aware of. For instance, the fascia boards (the roofline) and soffit (layer under the fascia) are rotted. The report can point out water stains and peeling paint around the

K-Guard vs. Gutter Covers

I’m Carter. Owner of K-Guard gutters, and I’m here to talk to you about add on covers that go over your existing gutters versus K-Guard gutters. Covers go over the top of your existing gutters but can lead to some issues. The first issue is the way it mounts.  Cover companies actually peel back the shingles of your roof, and then they nail it down to the roof. That is a big problem because it voids the warranty.  Owens Corning mentions in their roof warranty that if you puncture the roof it voids the warranty. So what’s the point of

K-Guard vs. Open Gutters, Covers-Filters, and “The Other” Complete System

Hi. I’m Travis from K-Guard Leaf Free Gutters. Today, we’re going to talk about gutter comparisons. On your house, you most likely have a regular, conventional style gutter. Everybody’s tried to protect these in different ways. Most people go to your local big box store and buy what they call a screen. They come in all different size holes and different types of products. Some of them are rubber coated, some steel, and others are aluminum. The Problem with Screens (Don’t buy them) The problem with that it may protect big stuff from falling in there, such as acorns and