How Gutters Help Lower Your Water Bill

We’ve discussed the numerous benefits of a K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. Its seamless construction and guaranteed alleviation of clogged downspouts allows for uninterrupted rain water drainage. Our gutter system keeps both the interior and exterior of your home safe from damage due to excessive moisture, but what we haven’t discussed is how our gutter system can add property value beyond the gutters. Traditional Rain Water Drainage Normally, rain water drains through the downspout to your driveway or yard. If there’s a concrete or plastic splash block placed at the bottom of the downspout, the water gets distributed toward a

Commercial Gutters for Your Home?

Why and When it May Make Sense We at K-Guard are extremely proud of our patented leaf free gutter system. In Kansas City and across the country we’ve installed over 32 million linear feet of gutter to the satisfaction of our customers. We know the K-Guard system is the most advanced leaf-free gutter system on the market. However, in some cases, K-Guard may not be the best solution.  Perhaps it’s due to the home’s design or the region’s unique weather conditions. In these situations, instead of residential gutters, commercial versions could be needed for your home. How Commercial Gutters Differ

Architectural Differences in Guttering

Advantage and Disadvantages to the most common Gutter Options Gutters are an important part of any home, not only for the purpose of evacuating water from the roof and foundation, but gutters also play a key aesthetic role for the home’s architecture. This is particularly true for specialty designed and older residences. This article describes the most common types of gutters and what you need to know about each to determine if it makes sense for your home. Here is the breakdown: Yankee Gutters While most gutters today are installed at the roofline or above the flood plain, Yankee Gutters

Top Considerations to go Local or National for Your Home Improvement Project

Home improvement, instead of purchasing a new residence, continues to keep vacancy levels at an all-time low in Kansas City and across the country. According to the site Fixr, the estimated cost of home improvement in 2018 reached close to $200 billion. Kansas and Missouri represented approximately $6 billion of that cost. Some of the renovation investments came from individuals handling improvements on their own. The rest were comprised of home owners who reached out to contractors for their upgrades. They look for the right organization or individual that performs the task within the budget and in a short period

Half Round Gutters: Top Reasons to Avoid Them

There’s a specific reason why our leaf free system is named K-Guard. In the industry, the angled, aluminum units we use are called K-style gutters. The idea for this seamless gutter concept was created nearly four decades ago. Today, they account for over 80% of units installed on homes. What are Half Round Gutters? Prior to the arrival of the seamless gutter machine in the late 1960s, other types of systems were utilized to catch and drain rainwater. On older homes, much of this was done by half round gutters. The system is as its named. It features a smooth,

Gutters Can Cause Water Damage to Your Home

If you live in an area where rain and snow occur (Let’s face it– that’s almost everywhere!), you need to be concerned with water entering your home from outdoors. This unwanted water can cause a lot of damage within your home. Causes of Water Damage There are several reasons why your home can sustain water damage. These include having a flat roof on your house, leaky pipes, faulty appliances, clogged drains, etc. But a significant cause of water damage can be from broken or faulty gutters. Additionally, if open gutters aren’t cleaned regularly, they won’t do the job they should,