Risks of a DIY Gutter Installation

Homeowners love DIY projects. Nothing beats the satisfaction of fixing something yourself or completing a do-it-yourself project. Some DIY projects are great for homeowners like fixing faucet leaks, assembling furniture, painting the home, etc. Although there are many things we can DIY, there are some projects that we shouldn’t do ourselves, one being installing gutters. […]

Is Professional Gutter Cleaning Worth it?

Ask any homeowner what some of their least favorite house chores are and we guarantee gutter cleaning is at the top of the list. No one likes cleaning their half-round gutters and open-top gutters and for good reason. It’s very time-consuming and it needs to be done often to help prevent clogs, especially here in […]

Traveling This Winter? Here’s How to Prep Your Home

Suburban Home With Snow on Roof - K-Guard Heartland

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or are taking a vacation this winter, it’s a great time of the year to travel. However, there’s a lot to coordinate before you take that vacation: making accommodations for the pets, packing for the entire family, cleaning out the refrigerator, […]

How to Minimize Ice Damage This Winter

Ice Accumulation on Home Gutters - K-Guard Heartland

Whether you’ve called the Heartland home for years or months, you know that our winters are relatively mild compared to other parts of the country. While our temperatures occasionally dip below freezing and we have a couple of snowfalls on average each year, our winters aren’t that harsh. With that said, we do experience winter […]

What Can I Expect During My Gutter Installation Service?

K-Guard Installers at a Jobsite - K-Guard Heartland

So you’re thinking of installing the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System? Congratulations! Whether you’re on the fence about installing or if you’ve already coordinated an installation date, you may be wondering what to expect. K-Guard’s gutter installation service is as easy as it could be with a process that involves three very easy steps. Keep reading […]

Should You Install Underground Lines?

Water Drainage Problem on the Side of a House - K-Guard Heartland

You’re probably familiar with how a gutter system works. Water from a roof is drained into a gutter, that water travels through the gutter and into downspouts. The downspouts drain the water away from your home to avoid drainage issues like foundation damage and flooding. Are you familiar with where the water goes once it […]

4 Reasons Why Gutter Screens Are a Waste of Money

Clogged Gutter Screen - K-Guard Heartland

Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of cleaning your gutters. We’re assuming you’re like most homeowners who dread cleaning their gutters a few times a year and we don’t blame you. First, you have to lug around a heavy ladder, climb the ladder (hello, fear of heights), touch some pretty gross things, and […]

How is K-Guard Seamless?

Technician Shaping a Seamless Aluminum K-Guard Gutter Cover - K-Guard Heartland

Did you know that the first concept of gutters dates back to the Romans? Gutter systems have come a long way since 47 AD. Centuries later, the first seamless aluminum gutters were invented in the 1960s by Art Knudson. The invention of seamless gutters changed the gutter industry as we knew it; leaks were minimized, […]

How to Keep Your Home Warmer This Fall & Winter

Suburban KC Area Home Covered with Snow | K-Guard Heartland

There’s been a slight chill in the air, pumpkins are covering doorsteps, and Chiefs football is back – these things are all indicators that it’s officially autumn! The daytime highs are starting to dip and the overnight lows are getting chilly which means winter weather is soon to follow.  While wintertime in the Heartland isn’t […]