How to Prepare Your Home for the Heartland’s Rainy Season

Spring is in full force here in the Heartland (hooray)! Most of Missouri and Kansas are already starting to see quite a warmup in temperatures from overnight lows to afternoon highs steadily climbing week by week. While the warmup in temperature is a delight, we are about to enter the Heartland’s rainy season which typically […]

Tips for Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Patio Space

Now that the weather is finally beginning to warm up (hello, spring!) we know your family will be spending plenty of time at home and outdoors. With how much time we’re spending at home these days and how beautiful the weather is here in the Heartland now through late fall, you need an outdoor patio […]

Save Money this Spring with These 4 Chores

Raise your hand if you’re excited about spring’s arrival! We’re hoping you raised your hand on the other side of the screen. Springtime is such a beautiful time of year when many are excited to wave Old Man Winter an excited goodbye. There is so much to look forward to with spring approaching like the […]

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Gutter System This Spring

With springtime succeeding wintertime, it’s often recognized as a joyous time of year for many reasons. Not only does the weather start to warm up but signs of life start to reappear: trees start to blossom, grass becomes green again, and birds, insects, and other creatures start multiplying. Sure, we’ll admit that birds hatching from […]

The Dangers of Not Having Gutters on Your Home

Gutters… who needs them? EVERYONE. We’re not kidding – though gutters are an investment for homeowners, they are crucial to keeping your home dry and free of standing water. If not for gutters then homes would undergo so much damage aside from leaks. Whether your home is new construction that didn’t have gutters installed or […]

The Dangers of Misplaced Downspouts

  Downspouts are a major component to a gutter system; they exist to drain rainwater and meltwater that flows from the gutters away from your home to prevent rotted fascia boards, interior leaking and basement flooding. To learn more about downspouts, click here. In order to function properly, downspouts need to be placed in the […]

Three Ways Clogged Gutters Can Lead to Basement Flooding

  Picture this: you’re going down to your basement to grab something, only to discover that as you step on the floor you feel water. Basement flooding is a nightmare for homeowners and can result in costly repairs depending upon the damage it causes. While basement flooding can be caused by many different factors, did […]

How Gutters & Foundations Work Together

  Gutters and foundations – two extremely important parts of a home that share the same function of keeping your home dry, yet they’re very different. While gutters immediately carry and drain meltwater and stormwater away from your home, a foundation is a barrier between the outside soil and your home’s interior that helps keep […]

Falling Leaves & Gutters – What You Need to Know

  Who doesn’t enjoy the fresh start of autumn? With beautiful and colorful foliage, apple cider, football, and pumpkin-flavored everything, what’s not to love? However, with all of this beauty and refreshing cooler weather comes falling leaves and lots of them. While fall foliage is stunning and creates some breathtaking scenery, the leaves end up […]

Important Questions you Should Ask Before Installing New Gutters

Our homes are our sanctuaries; we feel safe inside of them and they protect the people we love most. Because our homes provide a safe shelter and protect us from the elements, we should only invest in the best products available for them to continue to keep us safe. One of the wisest investments that […]