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Having a gutter system installed on your property is essential for keeping the foundation of your home in working order. They help keep moisture and other debris away from your property so that long term foundational issues are not an issue. Unfortunately, traditional open gutters also collect debris, leaves, and other objects that can clog up the system. Usually, it takes a ladder and hours of potentially dangerous work to properly clear the gutter so it can function properly again. The K-Guard system is different, allowing the gutter to do it’s job without worrying about clogging up the system because of our patented gutter cover.

Gutter Contractors

Getting the K-Guard system can dramatically reduce the amount of upkeep you’ll need to do on your property because of how integrated and self-contained the gutter system is. Our new gutters provide peace of mind, durability, and complete dependability. To get the full benefits of the K-Guard, it’s important that a member of our team comes to inspect your property so that the installation goes smoothly. Our gutter contractors have the experience and technique to assess exactly how our state-of-the-art gutter system should interact with your property. Our patented hanger system means that the strength and dependability will never be in question, but having our expert team come install the gutter is an essential part of the process. Because we craft and install our gutter systems ourselves, the team at K-Guard has the craftsmanship and technical know-how to ensure every installation is perfect, every time. We know it can be a huge hassle to manually clean and service traditional gutters. Our K-Guard installation will change all of that, we guarantee it!

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Our gutter systems are different because they do not interact with your existing roof, meaning that the gutter installation is low impact and should never get in the way of other parts of your home. Our gutters have been specifically designed to be strong but minimally invasive so that they can properly drain and do their job without needing manual cleaning and servicing. Best of all, if servicing on the gutter cover is needed, it can be detached from the gutter itself without the entire system needing to come down. Our modular system for our seamless gutters allows the servicing and gutter repair to happen easily and without disturbance. We know that home repair and working with contractors can be a hassle and expensive. At K-Guard, we aim to provide top level customer service alongside our patented gutter systems at a competitive rate.

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If you are thinking of getting a new gutter system for your home or property, contact K-Guard today. Our systems are designed to be a dramatic improvement from traditional gutter systems, and the K-Guard can save tremendous time and money in the long run. Your home is an investment – help take care of its foundation with a 21st century gutter system designed to minimize manual upkeep!

For top level gutter installation services in Kansas City, contact K-Guard today at 913-730-8836!

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