K-Guard And The Competition

Here at K-Guard, we know that there is a lot of competition out there for gutter services. We have spent years building our business on strong customer service and attention to detail with every aspect of our product because we know how important cultivating lasting customer relationships are. When we take on a gutter guard installation job, we know that we are partnering with our customer to ensure that their property is properly protected. There are many things a property owner can do to ensure that their property is prepared, and gutter services are an often overlooked, but significantly important component. At K-Guard, we believe we have the competition beat for new gutters, residential gutter covers, commercial gutter covers, and more!

Leaf Gutter Guard Experts

When it comes to systems that try to compete with the K-Guard system, it is not even close. We offer a better warranty, no fine print, no exclusions, and no required maintenance for the homeowner. With regard to these four points, none of our competitors are able to match us. The following are examples where our competitors cut corners:

  • -LeafFilter offers a Lifetime warranty but only the cost of the dealer’s materials are refunded and the homeowner must clean debris from the top of the screen.
  • -Gutter Cover Company has restrictions on the warranty they offer and their gutters need to be sprayed off a few times a year.
  • -Leaf Solution Screen does not make their warranty available online and the homeowner must remove debris from the screen on top.
  • -Gutter Helmet puts restrictions on their warranty and the system requires periodic cleaning.

We Take Pride In Our Gutter Services at K-Guard

At K-Guard, we take pride in delivering not only a top tier product, but also FREE consultations before any job and a robust warranty program to ensure that your gutter guards are working for years to come. Our fully integrated system ensures that your gutter will remain clog free and will also stand up to tough weather. If you want the best gutter guards and the warranty that is most customer friendly, your choice is clear. K-Guard is Kansas City is here to serve you. Call today!

Leading the Way for Gutter Protection Services

K-Guard has patented technology that makes it strong enough to hold up against tough weather. We offer a clog free lifetime guarantee so that you never have to do any of the maintenance. Our product and warranty is designed to maximize the life of your gutter system and keep your wallet happy. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our product lives up to your expectations and we are eager to do everything possible to help if something should go wrong. We stand by our gutter systems and look forward to serving you. To learn more about our superior Kansas City gutter protection system, call us now at 913-735-1407.

For premier gutter services and gutter contractors in Kansas City, contact K-Guard today at 913-735-1407.

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