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The Six Keys to a Safe Gutter Installation

You already know how the strong and durable K-Guard leaf free gutter system prevents normal drainage issues. We’ve installed 32 million linear feet of gutters and drainage spouts in Kansas City and across the United States. Thus, we know a bit about the safety and materials required.

However, if you’re a first-time property owner, home flipper, or a Do-It-Yourself aficionado, you may not know the necessary precautions. Therefore, today we’re going to step you through the six keys for a safe gutter installation.

Ready Your Materials

The Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared” must be your mantra before the first foot of gutter is brought to the roofline. You don’t want to be in constant movement to grab something you forgot. In the end, it increases the time it takes to complete the project.

No matter if it’s a K-Guard leaf free system or not, you want to have the following ready:

  • A ladder that can hold your weight, tools, and the gutter supplies. Buying a stabilizer bar can further strengthen it for constant operation. If you use a collapsible, multi-function model, triple-check the locks to ensure they are enabled. You don’t want the ladder to unhinge while in the middle of an install.
  • Rubber-soled shoes that grip the ladder rungs. No soft-soled shoes or bare feet. Slipping off the rungs is a common occurrence with the alternative or non-existent footwear. Plus, if you wear sturdy, rubber-soled shoes, you reduce the risk of injury should a piece of gutter or a sharp tool strike your feet.
  • A Level to check the evenness of the gutters as you move through the installation. They may look even to the naked eye, but the level will determine if that is truly the case to lessen the risk of potential property damage.
  • A drill or power screwdriver to secure the gutters and downspouts. In addition, bring along numerous bits of different sizes and shapes to accommodate the attachment hardware.
  • If installing a system other than K-guard, then add these items:
    • Tin snips to cut gutters to the desired length
    • Rubber nitrile sealers and a caulk gun to fill-in the seams between the gutters and downspouts

You don’t need the last two items with our K-Guard system. Our seamless gutters are pre-measured to the exact size for efficient installation and installed by our in-house staff.



Clear the Areas

There are two areas which must be empty prior to installation:

  • At ground level you need to clear the area around the ladder from people and property. Gutters are a bit awkward to handle. Should they slip from your grasp, they can damage spectators and vehicles. In addition, sweep the area around driveways and garages so they are free of debris. Wet leaves or other items can loosen the ladder’s hold.
  • At the roofline, brush away any leaves, dirt, and whirlybirds so they don’t fall into the installation area. And, if you happen to find a frisbee or two while up there, remove them as well.

Check the Weather

There’s no need to immediately test how well you did by installing your system in poor weather. You want to perform the work in bright conditions to properly secure the gutters and downspouts. You also want it to be as windless as possible. Not only does it make for an easier time near the roofline but it also keeps you and the equipment stable.

Enlist a Spotter

Gutter installation, even for a K-Guard system, is not a one-person job. It’s always good to have someone nearby in case you drop something or need assistance on the ladder. If they support you, make sure they stand on the side of the ladder where the chance for debris to fall on them is minimized.

Take Your Time

Installing a new system, even if simply replacing downspouts around your property, should be carefully done and double-checked before you move to the next section. Don’t wait until the first snow or an upcoming storm to start or finish a project. You might incur more damage than protection.

Let Professionals do the Work

While you think you’re saving money by doing your own installations, the opposite may be the story. Improper or incomplete setups can lead to additional costs due to gutter or property damage. Furthermore, you may need to pay for a professional to install a brand-new system should the one you worked on be beyond repair.

Because we’ve handled thousands of installations, our K-Guard professionals know how to get past the hardest tasks. In turn, your leaf free gutter system is ready to go in a shorter time. So, contact us for a free estimate. Then, get ready to relax as our team completes a worry-free installation.


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