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Seamless vs. Sectional Gutters: Which is Better?

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Researching different types of gutter systems for your home? If you’re in the market for a new gutter system then you’ve probably discovered that the most common types are traditional or seamless. You may be wondering what the differences are and which is best for your home. Keep reading as we discuss the differences between seamless and sectional gutters and explain which is better.


What are Sectional Gutters?

Sectional gutters are a type of gutter system that is installed in sections along the roof. Each section is attached to another by brackets and joints using screws and nuts that are directly fastened to the fascia boards of the home. 

Because pieces of sectional gutters are connected, seams are present. These seams are likely to cause leaks and are a hotbed for debris to collect and clogs to form. Each section of sectional gutters has this seam, and although some gutter installation companies are reputable, there is no way to eliminate these seams if you choose to install sectional gutters. 

There are also risks associated with how sectional gutters are fastened to the home by way of the fascia boards. Fascia boards are strips of material that cover the part of the home where the roof meets the home’s siding. Fascia boards are a crucial component of a home because they support the weight of the home’s roof and act as an anchor for sectional gutter systems. 

While traditional gutter systems are mounted to the fascia boards, this can present issues for homeowners. When sectional gutters leak then that water runs into the soffit and fascia boards, causing them to rot over time. Another risk of mounting sectional gutters to the fascia boards is that in the event of severe weather they can tear away from the home, tearing the fascia boards off of the home and presenting a whole slew of issues for the home’s roof and siding.


What are Seamless Gutters?

Unlike sectional gutters, seamless gutters do not have any seams or joints that connect multiple pieces of the gutter system. Seamless gutters are constructed of a material that is cut in one continuous piece to avoid seams that can cause leaks and clogs.

Because seamless gutters don’t have any seams, unlike sectional gutters, the chance for leaks and debris becoming clogged in seams is eliminated. No seams mean water can’t seep into the cracks and trickle out of the gutter system, and debris can’t get caught in the seems and be left to build up over time. As a result, all forms of precipitation can flow into the downspouts freely without leaks and debris caused by seems.

Some seamless gutter systems are mounted to the fascia boards like sectional gutters. Again, this can present many problems for homeowners with the risk of rotting the fascia boards and tearing away from the home in the event of severe weather. Unlike other gutter installation companies in Kansas City, the K-Guard Gutter System mounts above the floodplain which eliminates the possibility of gutter separation from rotting fascia boards and soffit.

Seamless gutters have many advantages along with eliminating leaks; they’re custom cut to perfectly fit your home, unlike sectional gutters. They’re cut to be an exact fit to perfectly match your home. Another advantage is that they’re aesthetically pleasing, attracting the eyes of potential homebuyers. 

Seamless gutters are the best choice for homeowners who want to ensure their gutters won’t leak as a result of seems and joints. Sectional gutters are a decent choice for those who are looking to save money initially, however, installing sectional gutters could end up costing more in the long run. With the risk of leaks, damage to the fascia boards, and tearing away at the joints, sectional gutters don’t offer the same protection that seamless gutters do.

While there are many gutter installation companies in Kansas City, none of them can match K-Guard’s extreme durability, performance, and appearance. Our seamless gutter system can withstand all types of weather conditions and won’t pull away from your home in the event of severe weather. Because our system is a complete gutter system and is crafted from heavy-duty aluminum, it’ll never warp or crack. From our hood to our gutter and downspouts, the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System can keep water flowing through the system at a rapid pace all while blocking leaves and other debris, forcing them to fall off the gutter system rather than accumulate inside it over time.

K-Guard has a 24 ft. truck that has a rolling machine inside to slowly bend our heavy-duty aluminum. Our rolling machine is longer than most other gutter installation companies to ensure the enamel on our gutters doesn’t crack.

We offer a free estimate that includes a detailed analysis of your current gutter system and our recommendations and pricing for installing the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. Call (913) 380-1616 to get started today!

K-Guard proudly offers our gutter installation service to homeowners across both Missouri and Kansas including, but not limited to, the following locations:



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