The Importance of Roofing Insulation..And its Effect on Your Gutters

Your roofing and gutters go hand-in-hand when protecting your home. When properly angled, precipitation that falls on the roof slides into the gutters. In turn, they drain the water through downspouts to prevent damage to the roof and foundation. Your roof does other things as well. The most important is protecting your home from extreme heat and cold. It does this through roofing insulation. The Power of Insulation Insulation is a must for any home. If applied correctly, it keeps your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, insulation helps reduce your energy costs since

Ladder Safety – Top Considerations when Using a Ladder Outdoors

Today, we’re going to talk about ladder safety during the winter. If your ladder was alive, it would probably express glee during the colder months since it’s used so much. Be it cleaning gutters, checking the roof, or adding/removing holiday lights and decorations, your ladder gets a workout. And so do you. There’s a good deal of climbing up and down, sometimes with heavy objects. You move it from place to place several times in a day. And, when something loosens one of your decorations, the ladder comes back out to make the necessary repairs. It can’t be done in

Time to Audit Your Home’s Exterior for Winter

Today, we’re speaking about your home’s exterior. Is it ready for the winter? Have you prepared it to withstand the ice, snow, sleet, and gusty winds that can pelt your home for hours or days at a time? What about drainage? Are your gutters ready to handle the repeated freezes and thaws? Or, in a powerful storm, will they be able to handle the accumulated weight of the colder precipitation? Get Ready Now, Not Later The time to think about these items is right now, before it gets too cold or snowy to audit the exterior. The remaining mild and

Hail Damage and Gutter Claims

Today, we narrow our focus on homeowner’s insurance claims to focus on your gutters. Regardless if it’s a K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System or one of our competitors, damage can occur during severe weather conditions. The worst can take place in unforeseen hailstorms that take place in the spring, summer, and early fall. Who is Affected by a Hailstorm? Although the majority of these events take place in Florida, Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming, they can happen anywhere when the right conditions are met. This includes all of Kansas and Missouri, both of which are no stranger to hail storms. In

Hail Damage and Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims for Home Owners Five Questions to ask Your Insurance Company Before Filing a Hail Damage Claim   Today, our focus turns to home insurance claims when your property is damaged by a hailstorm. Our K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System is the strongest and most durable in today’s market. It is also resilient to most weather conditions. However, when it comes to larger hailstorms, even our system may take on some damage. How Does Hail Form? In Kansas City and other areas of the U.S., hail forms during the thunderstorms of the spring, summer, and early fall. When their

Four Ways K-Guard Differs from other Enclosed Systems

Why our Patented System is Better than our Competitors   Today, we’re going to look at the differences between the K-Guard leaf free gutter system and those sold by our competitors. Because, while they state their covered gutters are the same, if not better than ours, we tend to disagree. If we were similar, then we wouldn’t have installed 32 million linear feet of gutters in the Kansas City area and across the United States. Or, we wouldn’t have been praised by HGTV experts. Or, we wouldn’t be in business anymore. This isn’t a simple boast. Time and again, our