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Gutter Replacement: When is it Time for a New Gutter Installation?

Damaged Gutter

Damaged Gutter

For the most part, gutters are ignored if they work properly. As long as water is filtered through the downspouts without pooling in other areas, then there’s nothing to be concerned about. If you think a small clog has formed, then it’s addressed with a trowel and garbage bag (to collect the debris) or a power wash to clear everything out of the gutters.

However, there may come a moment when this is not the case. If you spend more time on a ladder cleaning debris or cringe when you see rain coming, then it may be time for a new installation. Although some people can get away with just replacing the gutters and downspouts, most cases will require an entirely new gutter system.

Do you think it’s time to replace your gutter system? Here are some things to look for to make that determination.

1. Weather-related Damage

Gutters receive the brunt of weather-related damage due to their location. Therefore, rain, wind, or hailstorms can do a number on its components. Thus, replacement is required if the entire system shows excessive dents from hailstones. Wind can also damage by twisting the gutters or loosening them and the downspouts from your home’s siding, which can lead to water damage and improper water evacuation from your home’s foundation.

2. Installation When the Home was Built

Home design hasn’t changed much since the late-80s and early-90s. In other words, while your home seems modern it may be 30-years-old. If you haven’t changed anything on its exterior, then there’s a good chance the gutters are just as old and may need replacing.

3. Water Damage to the Foundation and Other Surfaces

Damage to your home’s exterior may not be noticeable, especially if you normally don’t check your attic, area around the roofline or foundation. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to examine the soffit and fascia near your gutters and the surrounding areas around your foundation. Trouble will be noticeable in the form of rotting fascia board or “swamp-like” areas where water is accumulating around the foundation.

4. Pooling of  Water

Though the gutters aren’t clogged they might still cause pooling of water (within the gutter) if they have been crimped or dented in some way. If your gutters were installed improperly, or have loosened over time, this can lead to improper pitch (angle of gutter evacuation) and cause pooling within the gutters. If the gutters seem to be working, then the downspouts could be damaged. In either case, the volume of water that flows through the system is reduced, and that causes overflow. Eventually, the water pools on other surfaces.

5. Replacement Parts No Longer Exist

This might be due to the decommission of the gutter model. Or, perhaps the company that installed the gutters no longer exists. Here, it’s better to do a complete replacement than one that’s piece by piece.

6. You Want Something that Matches Your Home’s Design

In this situation, you may want to replace the existing gutter system for something that matches the design and color of your home’s exterior. K-Guard can match almost any home’s trim or exterior with over 30 color options to choose form.  Check out our portfolio here.

7. You Want to Sell Your Home

There’s no better time to replace your gutters than when you’re ready to sell your home. An updated system with secure hangers and wide downspouts is an absolute selling point, especially in neighborhoods with heavy vegetation. New gutters with a secure cover, like the K-Guard Leaf Free-Gutter System, means less exterior maintenance and more time to enjoy the home.  Plus, it’s fully transferrable to the new homeowner.

8. Maintenance Has Become Dangerous

Let’s face it – as we age, gutter maintenance can top the list of inconvenient and dangerous home improvement chores.  If you are constantly on a ladder and feel uncomfortable about the prospect of risking a fall, it’s time for a new cost-effective and safe solution.

No matter the situation, you can always contact K-Guard at 913-229-7550 for a free estimate on replacement. There is no obligation to purchase, because we know you might need time to decide. However, we know you’ll come to love the peace of mind and extra time that benefits you as a result of choosing a 100 percent maintenance free option.


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