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Do Gutters Need Splash Blocks?

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Our gutter systems work hard year-round to protect our homes from drainage issues. Living in the Heartland means unpredictable weather regardless of the time of year. The threat of severe weather occurs often, especially during the rainy season. With severe thunderstorms, ice storms, snowstorms, and high humidity, gutters have to work hard to protect our homes and roofs from precipitation and other weather conditions.

With winter coming to a close and spring about to make its arrival (yay!) we’ll be entering the season of heavier rainfall. Our gutter systems will be working in overdrive to collect and drain large amounts of rainfall away from our homes. The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting that we’ll receive more than average rainfall this summer. Heavy rainfall threatens our homes especially if a gutter system isn’t equipped to handle large amounts of precipitation. 

Many homeowners add splash blocks to the base of their gutter system’s downspouts to help direct water away from their home’s foundation. Are they necessary and can they help further protect your home from damage caused by excessive precipitation? Keep reading to learn if your gutters need splash blocks.


What is a Splash Block? 

Components of a gutter system often include the gutters and downspouts and drip edges. Splash blocks aren’t a part of the actual gutter system that gutter installation companies install, rather, they’re added by homeowners. If you’re unfamiliar with what a splash block is, it’s a piece of material that’s placed underneath a downspout. 

Made from rubber, plastic, or concrete, splash blocks are rectangular blocks that are placed under each downspout of the gutter system. They’re often placed up against the home’s foundation right where the downspout points away from the home. They’re usually rectangular and have a slight angle at the top of the block.

The angled, rectangular shape of the splash block helps divert water that’s drained from the downspout away from the home’s foundation allowing it to drain a few inches or feet away from the home. They’re very common and inexpensive and a great addition to each gutter system to further push water away from the home.


Why Should I Add Splash Blocks to My Gutter System?

As previously mentioned, splash blocks are a great addition to each gutter system and aid in protecting the home from foundation damage caused by excess water that’s left to pool around the foundation. Other benefits include protecting the home’s landscaping and preventing soil erosion.

Foundation damage can cause many serious issues for homeowners including cracks in the foundation, leaning or tipping, foundation upheaval, and so on. Damage to a home’s landscaping can be costly depending on how much money was spent on the landscaping project. Soil erosion can also be a nuisance for homeowners.


How Do I Add Splash Blocks to My Gutter System?

We recommend all homeowners add splash blocks to their gutter systems and place one under each downspout. Splash blocks are found at nearly every home improvement store or box store. Once you select the material and color that complements your home’s current gutter system, simply place them under each downspout. They don’t require maintenance, however, it’s important to check them for cracks or warping depending on the material you choose.

Each part of a gutter system works together to protect the home from drainage issues and adding splash blocks is another step you can take to further protect your home. They’re an inexpensive addition to every gutter system.

Splash blocks are a great additive to any gutter system, however, the first step in preventing drainage issues starts with an effective gutter system like the K-Guard System. Our complete system will never clog, keeping your roof drier and preventing sagging and overflowing gutters. Our larger gutters and downspouts allow for more water to be moved through the system at a rapid pace. Because the K-Guard System is seamless, water flows freely and collects and drains without leaks. K-Guard is so durable that’s is backed by three-lifetime warranties including a no clog, no pull away, and a lifetime paint warranty.

Take the first step to prevent drainage issues by installing the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. Contact our team today or call (913) 380-1616 to schedule your free estimate. We’ll examine your current gutter system and will offer an assessment as well as our recommendations for installing the K-Guard System on your home. We offer our gutter installation service to homeowners across both Missouri and Kansas including, but not limited to, the following locations: Kansas City, Overland Park, Topeka, Olathe, Shawnee, Independence, Lenexa, and Lee’s Summit.


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