4 Things You Should Never Pressure Wash

Man Pressure Washing the Ground - K-Guard Heartland

  We completely understand – you’re excited to deep clean outdoor surfaces like your home’s siding, patio, deck, grill, walkways, etc. All you want is to grab your headphones and turn on a great podcast or some good music and go to town on these surfaces with your pressure washer, cleaning all the dirt and […]

Why is My Grass Dying?

Dying Brown Grass - K-Guard Heartland

Lawns are one of the first things people notice about a home. A home that’s full of weeds can be an eyesore. On the contrary, a home with a vibrant, lush green lawn is eye-catching and appealing. Whether you DIY your lawn care or hire a professional lawn care company, it’s quite a science to […]

Humidity in the Heartland: How it Can Affect Your Gutters

Close Up of Clogged Gutters During High Humidity - K-Guard Heartland

Everyone who calls Kansas City or the surrounding area home has felt the sticky humidity that late spring and summer bring. There’s no escaping the humidity here in the Heartland. Whether you’re enjoying a day by the pool, going on a hike, or are simply driving in your car, you’ll most likely have clothes stuck […]

Fun Things to Do This Summer in Kansas City

Woman Enjoying the Summertime in Kansas City - K-Guard Heartland

Summertime is right around the corner. Pretty soon the kids will be out of school, the sun will set even later, and outdoor gatherings with friends and family will ramp up again. Longer days and warmer temperatures mean there’s more outdoor time to enjoy whether you’re trying to work in the yard or take the […]

Here is Why You Shouldn’t Install Gutter Filters

Close Up of Clogged Gutter Filters - K-Guard Heartland

Many homeowners find themselves doing extensive research before deciding to have something installed on or in their home, whether that involves having an entirely new product installed or replacing an existing one. Whatever the reason, you should feel confident in your decision regardless of how big or small the product is. Every home needs a […]

Tips for Improving Your Landscaping

Beautiful Landscaping on Suburban Home - K-Guard Heartland

Our landscaping says a lot about our homes: bright, colorful flowers and pruned greenery may indicate a well cared for home while dark, unkempt landscaping may indicate that the house isn’t in the best condition. We all want our homes to look the best they can, especially if you’re considering selling your home within the […]

How to Deep Clean Your Gutters This Spring

Gutters Filled with Leaves and Debris - K-Guard Heartland

Spring is officially in full swing and we couldn’t be happier! It’s a time of year when everything feels refreshed including the inside and outside of our homes. Everything in and surrounding our homes should be deep cleaned a few times per year and now is the perfect time to get those chores done. While […]

Does My Asphalt Roof Need Drip Edges?

Close Up of Drip Edges on an Asphalt Roof - K-Guard Heartland

Did you know that most Americans have a shingle roof? According to Home Innovation’s Annual Consumer Reports, nearly 80 percent of roofs in America are asphalt shingles, followed by metal and clay roofing materials. Asphalt shingle roofs are the most affordable and are pleasing to the eye, making them an easy choice for most homeowners. […]

The Impact Heavy Rainfall Can Have on Your Home

Close-up off Downspout During Heavy Rainfall - K-Guard Heartland

Rainfall is essential to life outdoors; not only does it provide animals and critters with water they need to survive but our landscaping benefits from it as well. Pretty soon our lawns will turn green and lush and trees and shrubs will bloom as a result of more sunshine, warmer temperatures, and rain.  We’re about […]

Do Gutters Need Splash Blocks?

Suburban Home Without Splash Blocks - K-Guard Heartland

Our gutter systems work hard year-round to protect our homes from drainage issues. Living in the Heartland means unpredictable weather regardless of the time of year. The threat of severe weather occurs often, especially during the rainy season. With severe thunderstorms, ice storms, snowstorms, and high humidity, gutters have to work hard to protect our […]