How Do I Keep My Gutters from Being Damaged by Snow?

Winter Has Its Gutter Challenges In the colder months, it’s not only harder to clean and maintain gutter systems but also more dangerous. Chipping ice dams from roofs might cause eye and face damage. Ladder rungs can ice up and lead to serious falls. Same for cleaning your roof of snow after a recent storm. Furthermore, there’s no stopping snow accumulation in your gutters if storms come one after another. In those situations, the weight increase and development of blockages could bring a gutter system down. In turn, damage will be inflicted on your roof, siding, soffit, and fascia. Keeping

How Do I Keep My Gutters from Freezing in the Winter?

Today we’re going to talk about gutter protection during the winter. Whether it’s on the way or already here, the months of colder temperatures can do more damage to your gutters than in any other season. The reason? It’s the period of time when all of the elements come together. For instance: Heavy snows accumulate in the gutters to increase the weight on the hangers Strong winds pound against the system to further loosen screws and other fasteners Fluctuations in sunlight and temperatures cause a thaw-freeze process Ice dams are created due to accumulated precipitation and debris that remain in

Gutter Guards, Covers, and Filters: The Differences and How They Compare to the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System

There is a lot of noise about gutter protection.  Filters, covers, hoods, helmets – it can be confusing when educating yourself on the differences. With all the variety in the Kansas City market and across the U.S., you’re not sure which way to go when it comes to protecting your gutter systems. What are the pros and cons of each? We’re going to help you out by comparing the differences between gutter guards, covers, and filters and screens. Gutter Guards Guards completely cover the gutters to block debris from entering the channels. In turn, their goal is to allow precipitation

How Your Roof’s Design Affects Your Home’s Gutter System

A roof does more to define your home than siding, window treatments, or its color. The right roof draws the eye of a viewer to its angles and how it shades the house in the right places while accentuating its other features. It turns a simple residence into one of magnificence. Plus, it keeps the inside of your home dry and free of birds. Roofs and Gutters The roof does something else – it determines your gutter design. There are some designs that require a system on a portion of the roof or all around its area. If the roof

Underground Lines and Drains: How They Help and Hurt Your Gutter System

We’ve talked plenty about our K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutter System and how its design prevents everything except water from filling its channels. These maintenance-free gutter systems allow for runoff to smoothly flow through the gutter downspout minus any clogs. What we haven’t talked much about is where the water goes once it reaches the ground. If it doesn’t fill a rain barrel, naturally irrigate the yard, or create a man-made pond, then where does the water go? In some cases, it goes underground. Underground Lines and Drains Rather than downspouts and splash blocks, some home gutter systems utilize vertical pipes. These

What Are Dormers and Do They Need Gutters?

Today’s blog is about dormers. Dormers are a way to increase light on upper floors, provide extra headroom, increase living space, or all three. Dormers aren’t normally part of modern home construction. However, they were a way to add natural light or create additional space in existing homes.  Types of Dormers There are several types of dormers and the best way to see them is to take a drive through an older neighborhood populated with small to mid-sized homes.  The most common dormer is the gable. These feature a gabled roof that helps shed water away from its window. In